Savings Calculator

*Calculations are based on an average usage of 5 hours per day per light and lighting upgrades to LEDs as follows:

1. 15W compact fluorescent light bulbs to 7W LEDs

2. 70W incandescent/halogen GLS light bulbs to 7W LEDs

3. 50W halogen downlight bulbs to 6W LEDs

4. 150W incandescent reflector bulbs to 12W LEDs

Actual savings will vary depending on the average usage per light and the wattages of all existing lightbulbs. The wattages and usage times used in the calculator are based on average usage times and wattages.

Running Costs

6.5 Watt LED's





70 Watt Incandescent


Did you know? Running a 70 Watt Incandescent globe is equal to running 10+  6.5 Watt LED globes at the same time!  

Replacement Costs

35,000 Hours





On average LED's last up to 20 times longer than traditional  Halogen globes - this means the replacement costs alone can represent substantial savings. Our globes are rated to last 35,000 hour or 10 years.