About the Program

The 'Victorian Energy Upgrades' program is a Victorian state government initiative designed to reduce the demand on the electricity grid and help Victorians reduce their power bills. Property owners and tenants can have their existing lightbulbs upgraded to LED energy saving bulbs for free. Most households can expect a saving of up to $500 per year simply by upgrading their light bulbs. 

As an accredited provider of the VEU program, we can have a fully-licensed electrician come to your home and change all of your bulbs for free. Give us a call or fill in the Booking Form on the website and we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

See below for a further description and photos of the light bulbs eligible for upgrade.


Compact Fluorescent

These are the old energy saving type. They are easily identified by their glass spiral tubing.



Incandescent and halogen candles can be identified by looking for candle-shaped bulbs made of glass.


Indoor Reflector

These bulbs are often found in bathroom heat/fan combination units and are made of glass.



Incandescent and halogen GLS bulbs are very inefficient. Identify them by looking for the spherical glass light bulbs.


Halogen Downlight

Halogen downlights are generally all downlight bulbs made from glass. They come with either two pins or knobs on the end.


Outdoor Reflector

These bulbs are often used as exterior spot lights or sensor lights and are made of glass.