Free Lighting Upgrades

For all Eligible Victorians

What We Do

As an accredited provider of the Victorian Government's "Victorian Energy Upgrades Program", we install energy saving light globes for FREE in homes throughout Victoria. Each energy saving light globe installed saves Victorians on their electricity bills and reduces the country's carbon emissions.


All Victorians with non-energy saving light globes are eligible. Each light globe upgraded to an LED can save up to $16 per globe per year in power. Try out our savings calculator to see how much you might save.

Our Products

We only install products listed on the Victorian Energy Upgrades product register to ensure the highest quality. All of our products come with 1 year warranty from the date of installation.

Why Telus?

We are first and foremost an electrical company. Telus Electrical Services is a registered electrical contractor in Victoria and all our installers are fully-licensed A Grade Electricians.

Running Costs

6.5 Watt LED's





70 Watt Incandescent


Did you know: running a single 70 Watt Incandescent globe is equal to running 10+  6.5 Watt LED globes at the same time!  

Replacement Costs

35,000 Hours





On average LED's last up to 20 times longer than traditional  Halogen globes - this means the replacement costs alone can represent substantial savings. Our globes are rated to last 35,000 hour or 10 years.

10+ Years electrical experience

3000 Houses

30,000 Globes installed




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